[Refer Me QA] Want to earn apart from your job : Join as Refer Me Trainer

Hi Refermians,


You know 90% software people always wish to nourish themselves and look opportunities in their life to do different from regular job out of them only 10% get success, why others fail because of not taken decision at right time or inappropriate platform or no mentor.

You are different as you are REFERMIAN, here Refer Me is providing you a platform to-

– Nourish yourself

– Show your talent to others

– Groom your communication skills

– Cultivate your technical skills

– Earn apart from job

As you are aware that Refer Me provides training on various topics. We are looking for experts who can join hand with us to execute this task.

Please fill your nomination on below Google Form, if you are interested-


Note : Terms and conditions will be shared after shortlisting.


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